About Us

Centrally located in Dallas, Texas, LifeCHARGE is devoted to making today’s high-tech Life better by keeping all of the latest mobile computing devices CHARGED. At LifeCHARGE, you’ll find a cutting-edge line of accessories for all the most current and must-have smartphones and tablets, include iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy.

Our mission is simple: to give our customers the power and add-ons they need to always stay connected.

Although our products are conceived, first and foremost, to keep iPhone, smartphone and tablet users always powered up, we’re not satisfied with merely providing tried-and-true functionality. We also demand of ourselves that the items we sell look as good as they work. We think our customers will enjoy our sleek, streamlined designs almost as much as they enjoy our products’ juice-providing reliability.

The most innovative mobile accessories for your smartphone and tablet that embrace all the latest technology and keep you at the top of the mobile communication game—that’s what LifeCHARGE is all about.